Landscaping in St Johns
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1Good Landscaping

Landscaping is both a science and an art. It needs both good reflection and design skills. It should make a statement about you and how you feel about the land. Your home in St Johns deserves to look good and reflect your taste.

2Maintenance is Important

Updating a backyard will enhance the value of your property. If the lawns and shrubs are unattractive, the House will appear to be unattractive. They need trimming and pruning, weed and pest control and irrigation.

3Stone is Practical

A stone walkway or brick patio is a beautiful way to add visual interest and that special feeling to your home. Stonework has more character than a simple picket fence, is lower maintenance than a deck, and will last practically forever.


“When it comes to landscaping these people are knowledgeable and professional. We love the work that they did on our yard, no minor detail was over looked. Honest, hard working and went the extra mile all while staying within our budget. We received everything we hoped for and more. We highly recommend Landscaping in St Johns”

-Jeff F.

“I'm just sending you a note to let you know how happy we are with the renovations. The roses are blooming, and colors are starting to appear with the other perennials. We love the upper patio, the chairs, and our vision of the "stairway to heaven" has been well accomplished! We are loving it! Thank you.”

-Donna A.

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